Cape Trib — Lose Yourself

Cape Tribulation

Flew into Cairns. Hired a car. Lunch in Port Douglas at On The Inlet (a very nice seafood place). A bit of a walkaround and Tiramisu ice cream before getting back on the road. A quick stop in Daintree Village. Then crossing the Daintree River on the ferry. Amazing country up here. Nice and remote! Staying in Cape Tribulation for a few days before heading back down to Mission Beach. I can’t see how anyone would ever want to leave this paradise.

Sorry no pictures yet as the computers and connections available are quite slow. I imagine it will take a while to process them all upon return. Some good ones in there, tho.

Sydney In A Flash

Downtown Sydney

Okay, I don’t have much time to post since we’re about to catch another plane up the coast to North Queensland, but I figured I would mention a bit about Sydney. What a beautiful city!! There are grungy districts (like King’s Cross — where we have been staying) and very posh areas (Bondi Beach). The last three days have blown by and I’m lucky to have taken so many photos, otherwise I might not remember it all.

Now I see why Will comes here for a month each year. Lovely.

I hope to get another chance to post, but it may not happen as the intense week-long yoga retreat is coming up. Must… Maintain… Focus…

CORRECTION: We were staying in Potts Point, which is right next to (but not the same as) King’s Cross.