Exotic Fruit Tasting

Digby and the Exotic Fruit Spread

We were lucky enough to join an exotic fruit tasting tour here in Cape Trib yesterday. The guy who runs the tour also owns the farm and small house nearby. What an incredible setting and the work they’ve done with the place is inspiring. Rain water reclaimation, solar power, hundreds of varieties of fruits and veggies — all growing in an organic, chemical-free environment.

This two hour tour was probably my favorite thing so far. After enthusiastically thanking him for showing us his place and delicious fruits, the last thing he asked was to “Tell other folks about it.” Consider yourself told. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend Digby’s fruit farm and tasting tour. Upon return, I would like to spend a few days in their bed and breakfast and a few lazy hours walking the orchard with their beautiful rottweilers.