Virtualize Me

2007 Virtualization Conference in NYC

So here I am in New York City attending the 2007 Virtualization Conference (a part of the larger 2007 SOA World Expo) and trying to learn a bit more about the future of enterprise computing. I had not done any traveling in a while and also had not been to a conference in ages, so I’m feeling very lucky to be here. And while this is essentially the premier SOA/Virtualization conference in the States, I still find the ambiguity of conference speakers to be frustrating.

I am so used to hands-on techie learning (a la SANS Institute) that to hear everything abstracted and spun into business-speak often leaves me less than satisfied. Thankfully, the speakers are not solely focused on plugging their companies and products. And from what I’ve heard so far, most of the large vendors are working together (via a SOA Best Practices Working Group) to make all of our lives easier in the future. (*fingers crossed*)

Regardless, New York City is beautiful right now and I’m enjoying it as much as possible. Nice sunny days and warm nights without the brutal humidity that usually keeps folks locked up in their air conditioned spaces. As a bonus, I got to take in a good portion of the massive Gay Pride Parade that took place yesterday. It was totally awesome to see so many happy dancing and smiling people flooding the city. When I get home I will post my photos to flickr, so please check back for that link.

Exotic Fruit Tasting

Digby and the Exotic Fruit Spread

We were lucky enough to join an exotic fruit tasting tour here in Cape Trib yesterday. The guy who runs the tour also owns the farm and small house nearby. What an incredible setting and the work they’ve done with the place is inspiring. Rain water reclaimation, solar power, hundreds of varieties of fruits and veggies — all growing in an organic, chemical-free environment.

This two hour tour was probably my favorite thing so far. After enthusiastically thanking him for showing us his place and delicious fruits, the last thing he asked was to “Tell other folks about it.” Consider yourself told. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend Digby’s fruit farm and tasting tour. Upon return, I would like to spend a few days in their bed and breakfast and a few lazy hours walking the orchard with their beautiful rottweilers.

Cape Trib — Lose Yourself

Cape Tribulation

Flew into Cairns. Hired a car. Lunch in Port Douglas at On The Inlet (a very nice seafood place). A bit of a walkaround and Tiramisu ice cream before getting back on the road. A quick stop in Daintree Village. Then crossing the Daintree River on the ferry. Amazing country up here. Nice and remote! Staying in Cape Tribulation for a few days before heading back down to Mission Beach. I can’t see how anyone would ever want to leave this paradise.

Sorry no pictures yet as the computers and connections available are quite slow. I imagine it will take a while to process them all upon return. Some good ones in there, tho.

Sydney In A Flash

Downtown Sydney

Okay, I don’t have much time to post since we’re about to catch another plane up the coast to North Queensland, but I figured I would mention a bit about Sydney. What a beautiful city!! There are grungy districts (like King’s Cross — where we have been staying) and very posh areas (Bondi Beach). The last three days have blown by and I’m lucky to have taken so many photos, otherwise I might not remember it all.

Now I see why Will comes here for a month each year. Lovely.

I hope to get another chance to post, but it may not happen as the intense week-long yoga retreat is coming up. Must… Maintain… Focus…

CORRECTION: We were staying in Potts Point, which is right next to (but not the same as) King’s Cross.